My name is Alexander Alexandrov and I'm an accountant with 21 years of accounting experience. In the beginning I worked at the banking sector and was involved in servicing both  the accounting and financial areas of the businesses. This made me an expert in the field of Business working together with banks and financial institutions. I interfere with Internal Revenue Service, Labor Departments, Insurance Companies, State Departments of Business and Finance.

I have my own entity for 15 years now, where I started being employed by small to medium sized businesses. Since then, my practice grew and I moved from New York State to Pennsylvania and kept the majority of my clients as well as I got new ones.

With Alex Advice LLC, having the experience needed in these fields, I provide personal experience to all my clients. I'm always available, you can call me any time without waiting. I will answer any questions asked, return calls and e-mails, and will consider no question unnecessary or irrelevant. Everything has a meaning in this complicated world of Finance and I'm here to help. The only thing for you not to do is not to ask.  

Don't hesitate to call and discuss your Accounting, Tax or Financial needs for a company or individual big or small.

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